Am I the only one who hasn't seen one cicada since the announcement that the Great Cicada Invasion of 2013 was on the way?

I was waiting for millions of the big ugly bugs to be taking over our neighborhoods and ruin our summer. I expected to come home from work one day and find 4 cicadas smoking cigars in my backyard playing poker at our patio table.

The way they were reporting it, I expected there to be a "cicada only" lane on the Parkway. I thought a particularly charismatic cicada might even run for local office. You know, sci-fi movie type stuff..

Problem is, I haven't seen or heard one yet. Not that I want to, and I hope I'm not pressing my luck here. I remember wondering what would happen when the ground hit 64 degrees or whatever the experts said it needed to be for the cicadas to emerge from the ground. I think that has come and gone.

I didn't exactly want to see the invasion, but since it hasn't happened in my area of the Jersey Shore, I actually got a little concerned. It is one of those amazing things about nature and, all kidding aside, I hope nothing bad happened to the cicadas.

My first thought was that all the Sandy flooding affected them. I have no idea if that's true. I'm certainly no scientist, but I hope that isn't what happened, because that really would be sad.

I'm sure parts of the state have experienced the cicada invasion in some way, but I haven't seen one yet. And, as much as I don't wish ill on the cicada, I'm ok with that.