What gets you 'in the mood' for love? Chances are, it's not your bedroom!

According to a new survey, 72% of women say vacation romance is better than romance at home.

When asked to name the most romantic setting, most women named getaways: 22% said a beach vacation. Close behind was a trip to a romantic city like Paris, Venice, or even New York City (19%). 15% said a cruise is romantic, and 15% said a trip to an exotic locale would get them 'in the mood'.

Amazingly, five percent of women surveyed said camping is romantic. (www.TravelDailyNews.com)

I have tried camping.....both with friends before I had kids, and with my children recently, and I can tell you that I rarely found it romantic. As a self-described girly-girl, I haven't yet found a bug that I feel 'comfortable' being around. And I can't imagine relaxing long enough in an outdoor shower to shave my legs without the worry that a spider might land on me...or to try to navigate around all of the mosquito bites I get when I stay outdoors too long.

Then there's the poison ivy that you have to watch out for, the potential tics landing on your head, and the lack of ELECTRICITY for blow-drying your hair and flat-ironing it. What?!!!!! You want me to go WITHOUT doing my HAIR?! Well how could I POSSIBLY feel romantic with FRIZZY HAIR?!!!

And, btw, for tent camping the ground is REALLY HARD. Which means, for me, a blow-up mattress (which is way slippery for sheets and blankets) and lots of fluffy pillows.

If you happen to find camping romantic, I'd love to hear your comments below!