You pride yourself on keeping a clean house and do your best to eliminate germs, yet the germs still lurk around your home, and you might be surprised where they are comfortably residing.

According to a story, germs are living in places that might not be on the top of your mind when you take on the cleaning chores, but they probably will after you read this.

Have you ever thought about germs in your coffee maker? According to experts, cleaning the filter is not enough. Bacteria builds over time and the the machine needs to be cleaned using a white vinegar and water rinse.

When was the last time you cleaned the toohtbrush holder? Experts say germs love dark, moist places, so wash the toothbrush holder often and keep it covered.

And this one will really get you. You clean and clean the toilet bowl, right? You scrub it and give it special attention, and you should. But what about the wall behind the toilet. The experts say that if you watched a toilet flushing in slow motion it would look like a "fireworks display". The microbes can travel up to 20 feet. Gross.

Happy cleaning!