Imagine this. You get to the beach, pick your spot, lay your blanket down and check the people around you. After all you're going to be dealing with your "beach neighbors" all day long. As you look around you can't believe it, but guess who's right next to you??

It's...well, that's what I want to know from you. If you could pick any New Jersey celeb to be right next to you at the beach, who would it be? Remember, you'll be able to hear everything they say, count how many times they jump in the ocean and know what they have for lunch (are we bordering on stalking here?).

So, who would it be? Maybe Jon or Nicholson kick a little sand on you. How about Bruce or DeVito playing frisbee just a few feet away. Could you imagine if James Gandolfini was soaking up the sun next to you or Joe Pesci was asking to borrow some sunscreen? Or Maybe Marthe Stewart is right there judging how your beach blanket and towles don't match. 

Choose carefully..remember you'll have to deal with them all day!