Last night was the season premiere of The Bachelor. Fan favorite winemaker Ben Flajnik (who was rejected by Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette after he got down on one knee to propose) began his search for love. Of the 25 eligible ladies, some really came up with original ideas to get Ben's attention.

Lindzi, a businesswoman from Florida, made the splashiest entrance. She arrived on a horse instead of a limo like all the other girls. That, and her personality, worked to her advantage. Ben ended up giving her the coveted First Impression rose. Also memorable was Brittney, a sales rep from Denver, who sent her grandmother ahead of her to meet Ben and speak on her behalf. But did Grandma have a better personality than the girl? My favorites (and maybe yours too) are Jamie, the girl that had to adopt and raise her own siblings, and Shawn, the single mom to an adorable little boy.

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