It's the age old question, who tolerates pain better, men or women? Can men stand a chance in this argument knowing women give birth?

One recent study says that men actually tolerate pain better and apparently complain less. I don't know much about the study, but I do know this much. Don't tell the women that. Listen, I'm a guy, and the results of this study make me happy, but I can't really enjoy them because I just don't buy it.

I've stubbed my toe, banged my shin and hit my head and all of the above frankly made me want to cry. Now, I didn't because I'm a man, but I wanted to. So, I guess we might hide pain better, but at least for me, I'm not tolerating it too well, especially with those big tears welling in my eyes.

And even if I did, deep down, think men tolerate pain better than women, I'd never say it out loud. At least not until I give birth.