Here's what your '90s heartthrob crush says about you:

If you had a crush on LEONARDO DICAPRIO then you are most likely a hopeless romantic because you fell for him in either Titanic or Romeo and Juliet. Both SUCH happy endings....if you love sobbing!

If you were head over heels for JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in NSYNC you probably love being the center of attention. And you probably still have a crush on him to this day!

If you were crushing on JOHNNY DEPP back in the Edward Scissorhands days, you are most likely the shy, artsy type to fall for him back when he was an unconventional cutie who managed to make strange characters irresistible.

If MARK PAUL GOSSELLAR was your your crush and Saved By the Bell was your show, then you are probably an big flirt and social butterfly.