The Super Bowl is coming to New Jersey in a year and there was some talk of not having a halftime show because of the cold weather, but now we hear there will be one. So who would you like to see perform?

I know a lot of the TV networks like to say next year's Super Bowl is in New York, but since I haven't seen the memo that anyone has changed the borders between New Jersey and New York, I'm going to call it New Jersey's Super Bowl.

Having said that, I would love nothing more than to see the Garden State celebrated for the halftime show, and that brings up the question of who would be the choice of residents of the Garden State to represent us, if it happened to be up to us.

Of course the two big names come to mind. Somebody get Bruce and Jon on the phone and see what they're doing next February! Of course both would be great, but what are the odds of that? We're not selfish here in the Garden State though. If we can't get both, we'll take one or the other.  

If you had to pick one, who would it be? And by the way, if you think of another New Jersey artist who you'd love to see perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, please enter it in!