Yep....more photos have surfaced of 'bare chested' Lou Russo and the fun we all had at his dancing debut.

(Tom Zapcic Photography)

In case you missed it (and tickets sold out fast!) we now have the professional photos of what it looked like after Lou ripped his shirt off in a shameless last-ditch effort to try and win the 'Dancing With Our Stars' competition.

(Tom Zapcic Photography)

He totally entertained the audience and judges and we all had a great time thanks to contestants like Lou and Joe Leone. Can't wait for next year...maybe he'll do it again!

(Tom Zapcic Photography. Joe Leone with Lou and Liz)

Joe Leone was another of the fabulous contestants that poured his heart out on the dance floor. He had such a heartwarming story about why he dedicated his dance to his grandmother that we were almost in tears! And Joe, as you can see, is truly a whole head taller than Lou!

(Tom Zapcic Photography. Tom Hayes with Lou and Liz)

Then there's Tom Hayes from NJNG, who played the Bruno role as a judge and had us all rolling on the floor laughing. wouldn't be the same without you in it. Truly.

Special thanks to Tom Zapcic for sending me these amazing photos! You're awesome, Tom!

This wonderful event was a fundraiser for the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore.


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