With the end of summer, something arrives that's almost as good as summer. Are you ready for some football?

I think we're all ready to some degree. So as the season arrives, let me throw some numbers at you about how much time we'll spend on football this season. According to statista.com, most people (men and women) spend 5 hours or less watching the NFL. Since most games last close to 4 hours. that means most people aren't catching much more than their favorite team's game.

But there are also some people (about 6%) who will spend over 16 hours a week watching football. That's about four full games a week! And we're not even factoring in fantasy football or football highlight shows.

I'm guessing the fantasy football people are probably among those catching 16 hours of football each week on TV, so if you add in just a few hours a week for fantasy football and Sportscenter, you're probably talking about a small percentage of us who spend 1/7 of our lives on football during the season.

Sounds reasonable.