On the morning show, we were talking about Brad Pitt and his announcement that he didn't have the wrinkles worked on before his photo shoot for the Chanel No. 5 ad campaign. If I looked like that, I'd tell them to leave my face alone, too.

It's pretty safe to say Brad Pitt has aged well, and so has his buddy George Clooney. Now, I have no idea if these guys had any work done or how much of what we're seeing is airbrushed, but the end result is that most people think these guys are aging like a fine wine.

And they're not the only one's. I heard my wife make a comment (or a noise, I'm not sure) when she saw Jon Bon Jovi in that black sweater at the 12 12 12 concert. Bruce looks pretty good too.

The list goes on and on. Richard Gere, Denzell Washington and even Simon Cowell. A lot of male celebrities are aging well. But who takes the crown as the male celebrity who is aging the best?