For years I have been confused by the fact that every time a well-known health expert, like those on the Biggest Loser, advises you how to eat better to get in shape, they say to NOT drink diet soda. Yet diet soda doesn't have any calories, right? So why not drink it?

I finally found out. And it ain't pretty.

According to health experts (, drinking diet soda can do terrible things to us. Here's a rundown of the side effects of drinking diet soda:

-- Kidney Problems. Kidney function starts to decline when you drink more than two diet sodas a day.

-- Messed-Up Metabolism. Studies have shown that even ONE diet soda a day is linked to a 34 percent higher risk of increased belly fat and high cholesterol!

-- Obesity. Amazingly, diet soda stops you from losing weight (!) because the artificial sweeteners disrupt your body's natural ability to regulate calorie intake!

-- Rotting Teeth. Diet soda is very acidic, and causes tooth decay and cavities.

Sigh. I guess it's seltzer from now on for me.