When I walked outside at 4:15 am with my scraper and brush to clear my car of last night's snow, I got hit with a gust of wind that felt colder than an episode of Divorce Court. And it dawned on me. Winter is my 4th favorite season.

With all due respect to the winter lovers out there I ask this. What are you thinking? Snow is slippery, and ice is hazardous. The wind is nasty. You can't stand outside for more than 30 seconds. There are no leaves, flowers and birds. It hurts to dump the garbage and we can't go to our beloved beaches and boardwalks.

Winter offers fireplaces and soup and....well....that's about it. Christmas is over and now all I can look forward to for the next few weeks is snow shoveling on a gray, bitter cold barren day. Great.  And don't get me started on wind chill.

I apologize to the winter lovers out there. I'm venting. I know there's much more to winter. There's cuddling and ice skating and skiing and Valentine's Day and snowmen and the kids love it. I get that. I just miss my summer.