The conversation came up this morning as to whether the Valentine's Day love in the air would translate to New Jersey's roads today. Will we show our fellow drivers the love or just the normal Garden State treatment?

I'm going to be honest. I don't think so. I think you have a better chance of finding a Valentine's card at 7pm tonite with it's actual original envelope than you have of feeling the love on the roadways around here.

As a matter of fact, all those guys who are procrastinators (and we all are) are probably going to be in a bigger hurry than usual as they race to get a Valentine's gift that will make it look like they bought it a week ago.

So don't expect the Valentine's love, at least not before you get home today. But keep it in mind,  who knows we may surprise ourselves. Let's give it a try. I'm not saying to give flowers and chocolates to somebody who cut you off. I'm just saying maybe we can give that driver a Valentine's pass. Maybe.