We all know that hurricanes are named -- it makes them easier to remember and keep track of.

Who could forget Hurricane Katrina and locally, Hurricane Irene?

Winter storms though, not so easy to keep track of...(Snowmageddon? When was that?) until now.

Beginning this year, The Weather Channel will begin naming big winter storms. The naming 'will be limited to no more than three days before impact to ensure there is moderate to strong confidence the system will produce significant effects on a populated area.'

Meaning, they won't be naming things all willy-nilly. (Yeah, I said it. Willy-nilly!) It will be based on snowfall and ice accumulation along with wind.

I'm okay with this. TWC is planning to use 'names with an attitude' like Draco and Magnus. Boring!

I think the names should all be from movie villains, or perhaps ridiculous pet names.

I can see it now: 'Blizzard Fluffy is set to hit tomorrow! Be ready!'

What are the best names for storms? Share yours below!