Hand gestures are nothing new to residents of New Jersey. They're almost as common as toll plazas on the Parkway, but this gesture may surprise you.

Here's what happened, according to foxsports.com. Kenny Lovelace decided to propose to his girlfriend Molly Ryan during a Colorado Rockies game. He planned it all out, complete with a photographer to capture the moment.

As the moment approached, he prepared himself and asked the photographer, Kerinsa Mullins to get in place. Problem was Kerinsa stood up in front of a woman who apparently had no patience for this special moment while she was trying to watch the game.

The photographer told the woman what was going on, but she didn't seem impressed. The proposal was during the game and the Rockies were at bat, but the photographer said the whole thing only took about 20 seconds.

It was during those 20 seconds that the woman chose to display her displeasure with the hand gesture that New Jersey drivers are so familiar with, and when the couple looked at the photo, there was the woman and her finger, front and center.

Here's the good news. The photographer took plenty of other photos without the infamous finger. Click here to see the actual photo.