Do you think you look okay in the shoes you're wearing? Do you care what guys think of them?

Here are the results of a new survey of over 2,000 men on the shoes they hate most on women:

10. Sneakers, 25%

9. Kitten heels, 34%

8. Ballet shoes, 37%

7. Mary Janes, 42%

6. Moccasins, 49%

5. Flip flops, 55%

4. Platforms, 58%

3. Crocs, 63%

2. Uggs, 67%

And the number one shoes that men hate the most on women:

1. Wedge shoes, 71%

Of course wedges are my favorite type of shoes....since they are the most comfortable. And although flats are not my think, I do love flip flops in the summer.

I admit I agree that it's hard to look attractive in a pair of Crocs....although I know that they are super comfortable for some standing-up jobs. And there's no way I would sacrifice my sneakers or my Uggs...both serve too good a purpose regardless of what guys think!