Most of us feel invaded just getting scanned at the airport. But now this type of scanner could be used to help you fit into the right clothing!

Some of us feel that shopping for jeans is just as dauting as finding the right bathing suit. You're in and out of the dressing room a thousand times because each brand of jeans has a different definition of the size you think you should fit into.

Now there's a new scanner that uses technology similar to the TSA's to bounce low-power radio waves off your body. The scanner relays 200,000 measurements to a computer, which then matches you with the brands, sizes, and styles that actually fit!

So far the scanners are in some shopping malls and soon coming to others.

Would you get into the scanner if it meant finding the best jeans for your body type, or would you feel like you're giving away too much information that you'd rather no one know?