So I was reading my wife's Cosmo this weekend. I don't usually do it, since I think the people who write the stories on what guys want have never actually asked, or for that matter even met an actual guy, but one of the headlines did get my attention.The headline was "The Naughtiest Thing I've Ever Done". It was about a girl who faked a French accent to get a date with a hot guy. She went out with him a few times, really liked him, but couldn't handle the pressure of all the lying. She tried to take the guy to movies and places where they didn't have to talk.

It finally became too much for her, when the guy asked her to a French restaurant and she was afraid she couldn't pronounce the menu items, so she told him her mom was sick and she had to move back to France. Really??? Don't tell the guy you thought he was so cute you were willing to try anything to date him (which he actually would have probably liked). Tell him you're moving away, and never see him again. Does that make ANY sense??

I put my wife's Cosmo back on the end table. I'm not reading it anymore. i just don't understand it. It's like French to me.