Party Gator is a new birthday trend!

Maybe you started out with Chuck E. Cheese, advanced to Bounce House parties, bowling parties, game truck parties, etc for your children's birthday parties...and now you're out of original ideas. Unless, that is, you go the alligator route!

If you want your kid's birthday party to really stand out, you might want to hire a party gator. That's right....Tampa, Florida businessman Bob Barrett is making birthday parties a little more dangerous by offering to bring an allligator to your backyard pool to swim with the birthday boy or girl and their friends for $175.

The owner of The Alligator Attraction says business is booming. He also says that it's all perfectly safe because he tapes the baby gator's jaws shut before party time and their muscles aren't strong enough to break the tape, so there's little risk of one of the partygoers getting bitten.

Still....I know ADULTS who would never swim with a matter HOW strong the tape around its mouth is!