This combination is now available at one fast food chain.

The foreign fast food chain Lotteria determined that since chocolate-covered potato chips were such a hit in Japan, they'd try fries dipped in chocolate sauce. This somehow sounds delicious to me, lol!

They call the new menu item 'dipping fries' and they are served with a packet of chocolate sauce that you open and squeeze into an edible tart, (crisp dough) shell, then dip the fries in.

Some people are enjoying the new combo, others aren't liking it so much.

One person called it 'questionable', another called the combination downright disgusting.

Some say the fries and chocolate taste better than they thought it would and are relatively tasty.

This is not Lotteria's first foray into unusual menu items. They've tried bacon cube burgers, ramen burgers, and horror movie-inspired meals!

What's the most interesting combination of foods that you've ever tried?