From the Ultimate Winter Blanket and scarf to matching 'Mommy and Me' aprons, doll outfits and PJs...check out these websites from Monmouth County artists.

I love to show support for local crafters. Each Christmas season I like to feature some of them in case you are looking for an original gift idea. Here are two of my favorites so far this season, but keep in mind that these artists craft by hand so if you are interested you'd need to order soon!

First up, it's the Ultimate Giant Blanket, called the Mimos (Portuguese for 'pamper' and 'treat', which is just what this gorgeous blanket is!) hand made and sent to you straight from the work table by Eslin, an artist, poet, and hand stichery expert from Bradley Beach. She makes the blankets in two sizes and can also make scarves for you. CLICK HERE for more info.

Secondly, how about hand-made doll clothing and designer cloth diapers for your little one's favorite dolls, pajamas, and even 'Mommy and Me' matching aprons? These adorable kid gifts are lovingly made by Oxana from Manasquan, who was inspired after seeing how much it cost to buy these diapers from a store for her daughter's dolls that 'wet'. CLICK HERE for more info.

(photo by oxana)
(Photo by Oxana)

If you know of a local crafter who is making something beautiful by hand, tell us all about it!