I looked up in the sky just like everyone else Saturday night. And just like everyone else, I saw nothing. I looked north, south, east and west, and no Northern Lights.

At first, of course, I thought I was doing it wrong. But how could I be messing it up? I just had to look up, right. Well, I did that several times...and nothing. Oh, we saw a cloud or two and tried to figure out if those might be it. They weren't.

Then I saw reported on the Point website that it wasn't me, that the whole thing was a bust. Another missed opportunity. It was a misseds opportunity for everyone in generally, but specifically me.

You see, I am afraid to fly, and my wife really wants to see the Northern Lights. So, when I heard the news that we could see them this weekend, I was ready to cross one of the list, and not have to board a plane to do it. Outer space, or whatever is responsible for the Northern Lights did not cooperate.

So, at some point in my life, I may have to muster the courage to take my wife to Alaska and do it right. With my luck, It will probably be cloudy that week.