You will not believe what scientists found growing on or in pocketbooks. Yep, pocketbooks just like yours.

As you sling your favorite pocketbook over your shoulder today, you should know that experts have found the following things on purses; e coli, streptococcus and even traces of feces, according to a report at

The experts say that  exposure to these could lead to things like meningitis or pneumonia. The findings were not limited to pocketbooks however. The study tested laptop cases and gym bags, too.

Think about that next time you're digging deep for your keys. There is hope, however. Experts say you can get  your purse laundered or cleaned occasionally to help the situation.

You know, as a guy, I always had the instinct to stay away from finding out what's actually in a pocketbook. Now I know why. Thank you guy instincts!