Facebook has undergone a minor facelift recently, but what they're showing the public is anything but minor.

They are "trending" articles and videos. The content ranges from the mild to the wild. The problem is when you view an article or watch a video, Facebook is telling everyone. Here's an example from my news feed.

My guess is the friends who watched this didn't want everyone to know they did. Other videos and articles cover 9/11 conspiracies, the World's biggest zit and naked celebs. I certainly have learned a lot about my friends lately!

If you don't want all of Facebook and especially your friends to know what you've watched, pay attention to this box when you click a video or article.

By clicking "Okay," you're giving Facebook permission to let your friends know you read a story or viewed a video via an app. To keep your viewing private, change the drop down that says "Friends" to "Private."