One person's trash is...well...another person's fashion, at least according to some fashion experts.

I noticed a lot of trash cans along the roads of Monmouth and Ocean Counties this week. No surprise since the Memorial Day holiday pushed most garbage pick up back one day. I wondered just how many pieces of "trashion" were being discarded.

Yep, that's what it's called. Trashion. It is literally the use of trash to make fashion clothing. That sounds pretty economical, but would you wear clothing made of potato chip bags or bread wrappers?   It's not something new, but some experts say it could be the newest fashion trend.

Could you imagine not being able to find something in your closet to wear for an upcoming party or event, and thinking to yourself, "Let me check the kitchen garbage"? Not exactly your first thought, right?

There was even a trashion show on a rooftop in Brooklyn this past Saturday, according to So this week remember, before discarding the "garbage" from lunch, you may be throwing out your hottest new outfit.