And, as an added bonus, coming up tomorrow night (Tuesday, Jan. 22nd) you can talk to Kass Martin, one of the most famous Zumba instructors in the world, on The Atlantic Club's Facebook page!I started doing Zumba a year ago and LOVED it. But then other things got in the way with the boys and school and by the summer I stopped going. And regretted it.

So yesterday I went back for a lesson and realized that not only does it come right back, but the moves are so simple and repetitive (think Electric Slide or any other line dance) that it was really easy to pick up and enjoy.

Zumba is really just moving your body to some fun music....and when you do it with your girlfriends it's even more fun.  Every woman that took Marianne and Gina's class yesterday at The Atlantic Club yesterday left with a big smile on her face.

This is one of those things where an hour goes by and you had so much fun that you didn't even realized you WORKED OUT!

So...whether or not you are in great shape, whether or not you know Zumba, or whether or not you are a member of the Atlantic Club, you are invited to join me this Saturday, Jan. 26th, at The Atlantic Club Fieldhouse, from 11 am - 1 pm, for a $35 donation to find the cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) and two hours of amazing fun with Kass Martin and Zumbathon.

And if you are already a Zumba fanatic or have Kass Martin on Wii Zumba at home, now you can take part in an hour-long chat session with Kass on Tuesday night, Jan. 22nd, from 6 - 7 pm on The Atlantic Club Fitness Center's Facebook page!

Ask her anything...from her favorite Zumba moves to what she'll be wearing on Saturday!

For more information, go to and look for Two Days to Find a Cure for ALS.