It's never too early to purchase your beach badges. Many beaches are using the VIPLY app for seasonal and daily badge purchases. This app is free, really easy to use, and makes contactless transactions possible. Plus, when beaches become full the VIPLY app will let you know before you go. Just search 'VIPLY' in your app store.

Here's a look at badge prices and general information for Monmouth and Ocean County beaches.


Asbury Park


  • Adults: $70
  • Seniors (62-plus with valid ID): $20
  • Teens (13 to 17): $20
  • Kids 12 and under: Free (adult supervision required)
  • Active Military Personnel and their dependents: Free
  • Retired Veterans, Disabled Veterans, and Non-Active Veterans: Free


  • Monday to Friday: $6
  • Weekends and Holidays: $9


  • Badges can typically be purchased at the beach at any one of Avon’s 3 tag booths, Washington Ave., Sylvania Ave. or Norwood Ave. Badges may also be purchased before summer at the borough office beginning in early May.
  • Season badge: $100, Junior (12-18) or Senior (65+) season badge: $55. 11 and under are free.
  • For more information about the Avon-By-The-Sea beaches, call (732) 502-4510 or visit the Avon-By-The-Sea website.


  • Belmar seasonal beach badge purchases for 2021 will be contactless.
  • City of Belmar
    City of Belmar
  • Seasonal Badge: $70 for adults, $30 for senior citizens (65+)
  • Daily badge $9, required for ages 16 and up.
  • For more information about the Belmar beaches, call (732) 681-3700 or visit the Belmar Tourism website.
  • Bradley Beach

    • Beach Tags available at Borough Hall during the hours of 9 am-3:30 pm Monday through Friday except for holidays.
    • Daily badge: $9, Season badge: $80, Junior season badge: (ages 13-15) and seniors (65+) are $30.
    • For more information about the Bradley Beach beaches, call (732) 776-2999 or visit the Bradley Beach website.


    •  Daily badge: $9, Season badge: $80, Junior season badge: (ages 13-15) and seniors (65+) are $30
    • For more information about the Deal beaches, call (732) 531-1454, or visit this website.

    Long Branch

    • Badges may only be purchased with cash or using the VIPLY app.
    • Season Badge  $45, Students ages 14-17 $30.
    • Weekday Badge $5, Weekend Badge: $7, $3 ages 14-17, under 13 are free.
    • Badges are for Long Branch, not Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park.
    • For more information about the Long Branch beaches, call (732) 571-6545 or visit the Visit Long Branch website.



    • Adult (ages 17-64) - $85.00
    • Junior (ages 12-16) - $40.00
    • Senior badges (ages 65 and up) - $30.00
    • (Handicap season badges are half price)
    • For more information about the Manasquan beaches, call (732) 223-0544  or visit the Manasquan website.

    Monmouth Beach

    • Daily badge: $9, Season badge: $80, Junior season badge: (ages 13-15) and seniors (65+) are $30.
    • For more information about the Monmouth Beach beaches, call (732) 229-5926 or visit the Monmouth Beach website.

    Ocean Grove 

    • Seasonal: $95. Season badge (ages 12-17), $50.
    • Daily wristband: $10. Badges required for 12 and up.
    • Purchase all badges on VIPLY, or visit the Ocean Grove website.

    Sandy Hook (Gateway National Recreation Area)

    • There is no entrance fee to Sandy Hook, there is a $20 per car parking fee ($50 for oversized vehicles.) Season parking pass: $100 ($200 for oversized vehicles.)
    • For more information about the Sandy Hook beaches, call (732) 872-5970 or visit the Gateway National Recreation Area website.

    Sea Bright 

    • Seasonal: $100.
    • Daily, $8 under age 12 free.
    • Purchase badges here.
    • For more information about the Sea Bright beaches, call (732) 747-1524 or visit the Sea Bright website.

    Sea Girt

    • Season badge $110.
    • Daily $11. (quantities will be limited)
    • Can be purchased online here through Community Pass.
    • For more information about the Sea Girt beaches, call (732) 449-9335 or visit the Sea Girt website.

    Spring Lake 

    • Season badge $110 **SOLD OUT**
    • Daily badge $10. Required for age 12 and up.
    • For more information about the Spring Lake beaches, call (732) 449-0800 or visit the Spring Lake website.

    Union Beach

    • Bay beach is free; parking available
    • Beach is handicapped accessible.
    • For more information about the Union Beach beaches, call (732) 264-2277  or visit the Union Beach website.

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    Barnegat Light 

    • Purchase at the beach or available pre-season at Borough Hall, 10 W. 10th St., 609-494-9196.
    • Daily $5, Weekly $22, Preseason seasonal pass $30 if purchased before June 5, $40 after. Badges required for 12 and over.
    • For more information about the Barnegat Light beaches, call (609)494-9196 or visit the Barnegat Light website.

    Beach Haven

    • Purchase by mail via the form on the website or mobile app.
    • Preseason seasonal pass $30 if purchased before May 31st, $40 after. Click here to order.
    • For more information about the Beach Haven beaches, call (609) 492-9193 or visit the Beach Haven website.

    Brick (Beach One, Beach Two and Windward Park)

    • Preseason badges available in the Brick Township Recreation office.
    • Daily $5, Preseason $25 before June 15, seasonal $30. Required for ages 12 and over.
    • For more information about the Brick beaches, call (732) 262-1044 or visit the Brick website.

    Harvey Cedars 

    • Preseason $30 before June 15. After June 15, Seasonal $40.
    • Daily $7, Weekly $20. Badges needed for age 12 and older.
    • Badges are on sale at Borough Hall, 76th Street, and Long Beach Boulevard. During the season badges available at the booth in Sunset Park.
    • For more information about the Harvey Cedars beaches, call (609) 361-6000 or visit the Harvey Cedars website.


    • No fee for children under the age of twelve (12) years.
    • 60.00 per person. Season badges available throughout the season.
    • $35.00 per person per week or fraction thereof. A “week” is defined as the period from Saturday through the following Saturday.
    • $12.00 per person for each daily badge.
    • $20.00 per person for the entire bathing season for any person who is 65 years of age or over
    • $15.00 per person for any totally disabled person.
    • No Charge for all disabled veterans of any military service and all military service personnel on active duty status.
    • For more information about the Lavallette beaches, call (732) 793-2111 or visit the Lavallette website.

    Long Beach Township 

    • For more information about the Long Beach beaches, call (609) 361-6675 or visit the Long Beach website.

    Point Pleasant Beach (Jenkinson's)


    Under 5 years old:Free
    Children 5 to 11:$55
    Adults 12 & Up:$110
    Seniors (65+):$80
    WeekdaysWeekends & Holidays
    Under 5 years old:FreeFree
    Kids 5 to 11:$3$4
    Adults 12 & Up:$11$12
    • For more information about the Point Pleasant beaches, call (732) 892-0600 or visit the Jenkinson’s website.

    Point Pleasant Beach (Martell's)

    Ship Bottom

    • Preseason seasonal $35 to May 31, $45 after June 1. Purchase on the VIPLY app.
    • Daily $10, Weekly $25, required for ages 13 and up.
    • For more information about the Ship Bottom beaches, call (609) 494-2171 or visit the Ship Bottom website.

    Surf City

    •  Daily Badge $8

    • Weekly Badge $20

    • Seasonal $45

    • For more information about the Surf City beaches, call (609) 494-3064 or visit the Surf City website.

    Seaside Heights

    • Badges are available for purchase on the VIPLY app.
    • Seasonal $47.69 before May 16th, $62.69 after.
    • $8 daily, $35 weekly, required for ages 12 and up.
    • Seaside Heights offers free beach days and beach fee discounts throughout the summer.
    • For more information about the Seaside Heights beaches, call (732) 793-9100 or visit the Seaside Heights website.
    • Bay beach – free every day.

    Seaside Park 

    • On sale beginning May 1.
    • Beach tags are $60 before June 30th and $65 after Seniors (65+) $20.
    • For more information about the Seaside Park beaches, call (732) 793-3700 or visit the Seaside Park website.

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