This is a big addition for Ocean County.

Ocean County's very first 24/7 veterinary emergency room and hospital will be opening next month and I think I just heard all of OC's pet owners let out a sigh of relief.

The new facility is called NorthStar VETS and it is going to be in the Market Place in the Brick shopping plaza on Route 70 directly next to Petco.

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A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house is already scheduled for March 28th.

This will be NorthStar VETS second Jersey Shore location and their central office is located in Robbinsville.

According to, NorthStar VETS is, "one of the state's most advanced and largest veterinary hospitals," in Monmouth County. The new location in Brick will be able to do about 80% of the Robbinsville location so be prepared to travel to their central office for complicated procedures.

Otherwise, the new facility will be totally capable and will have things like imaging equipment including a 16-slice CT scanner right on site.

“There are many different ways in which pets need emergency care, and we’ll be there to serve all those needs,” said NorthStar marketing director, Phil Barnes. “There are a lot of pet parents in that part of the state that come to us in Robbinsville. It’s basically responding to the need we were already seeing.”


Demand indeed....NorthStar VETS already has a location in Robbinsville and it is about 45 minutes away from Brick.....AKA:  it is the closest emergency care center for pets in that area.

Otherwise, every other 24/7 pet care facility is at least an hour and a half way. (Talk about filling a major demand) 

I am a pet owner who lives in the Toms River area so I consider this amazing news. Let's just say that now I will sleep a bit better knowing that help is much closer.

“Pets eat chocolate, they can get hurt in an encounter with another animal,” said Barnes. “You’re much more likely to say, ‘let’s get this checked out’ if it’s right down the road.”

I can't wait to meet all of the new staff who will be helping all of our animals any time of the day, any day of the week!
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