A Monmouth County woman says her husband and both of his brothers (all born and raised in Highland) all need kidney donations to stay alive. Two of them served and protected us as police officers....now they need our help.

Felicia is the wife of retired NJ State Police Lt. Dan White. Dan comes from a poly cystic kidney (PKD) family. His father died at age 63. His grandmother did 20 years of dialysis.  All of his aunts, uncles and cousins who share his paternal bloodline have it. His sons (26 and 29) have it.

Danny, who grew up in Highlands and spent practically his whole life there until her got married (now he lives in Bayville) is the youngest of 3 brothers. He worked for 25 years as a NJ State Trooper but recently retired because he knew the day would come when he would need a new kidney.

Felicia says her husband had mitral valve repair in Nov. 2017 (just 3 months into their relationship). She spent 11 days in the hospital, never leaving Dan's side. In June 2018, he was told his kidney function was only at 9% and to get “on the list” for a transplant.

Dan's oldest brother, Rich, who worked for Highlands Public Works, has been on dialysis for 6 years. He has suffered secondary heart issues as a result of PKD. He has been hospitalized a couple of times this year alone.

Bobby, the middle brother, has been on dialysis for about 4 years. He was a Highlands police officer for 25 years. He has also dealt with secondary health issues and has been hospitalized several times this year.

Their younger sister, Janine, also has PKD but, at 47, is doing all she can to slow the progression.

To give you an idea of what PKD looks like.... your kidneys are the size of your fists. Felicia says her husband’s kidneys are the size of two footballs. In January, he had a cyst hemorrhage inside itself..... the measurements were the size of an orange. Can you imagine that?

In Felicia's words, "My husband and both of his brothers are dying of PKD. Dialysis is a slow death. Your kidneys get so big that your other organs are crushed and pushed around."

(Dan and his wife Felicia, photo courtesy of Felicia Cooper White)
(Dan and his wife Felicia, photo courtesy of Felicia Cooper White)

Felicia helps Dan with home dialysis. She says, "I went for 8 days of training (technicians go for like 9 months!!) I set up his machine. I put the needles in his arm (16 gauge) and he cycles for 3 hours. It takes 15 minutes of pressure on each needle site to make the bleeding stop. 5 hours total, 4 days a week. His brothers go to the center (cold, germy, and dangerous for so many reasons) because they don’t have the ability to do their dialysis at home."

Three brothers, two former cops, all in renal failure. Who has a kidney to spare for them? This is an entire family of siblings on dialysis who need donated kidneys to keep from dying.

Felicia says it's been 18 months of chasing miracles.

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