A brand new idea was put to the tested  at a high school out in Tennessee.

The principal ordered that all of the mirrors be painted because  students were spending way too much time in the bathrooms and arriving late to class.

You can also argue that this tactic could be sending a message to the students: that your physical appearance isn't everything.

A lot of students and their parents sent in official complaints to the school administrators and the paint has since been removed.

Shelby Campbell, alumna of the high school said that students need to be, “...able to walk in and make sure nothing is in [their] teeth, [their] makeup is fine or [make sure their] hair isn’t crazy. There’s already so much going on with bullying and poor self-image in high school."

I see what she is saying but it is just sad that we live in a world that students feel like they are that much of a target if they can't look at themselves during the school day.

But parents, what do you think of bringing this idea to the Jersey Shore? Cast your vote because when I saw the headline, I was intrigued.

Now I know the students will be in uproar but as the guardians coming from a different place, what do you think? Could this help for students to focus more on the educational aspect?

Take a look at the original article HERE.

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