41 year old Sara Blakley is the youngest woman ever to make Forbes magazine's annual list of billionaires without the help of an inheritance or her husband.

Sara owes her wealth all to inventing Spanx, the slimming undergarment she got the idea for after  becaming frustrated by the way her butt looked in a pair ofwhite pants. Instead of wearing the thick old-time girdles of the time, she cut off the feet of some control-top pantyhose and Spanx were born.

Sara's invention has become so popular mostly by word of mouth, especially after stars like Oprah let it slip that they wore Spanx to help keep their figures in line. Sara says "It's the power of the brand. We've never formally advertised."

How many of us have had a moment with a billion-dollar idea RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US....only to let it go and find out much later that someone else got rich thinking of the same thing?!!