As we celebrate Girl Scout Cookie-buying season (we bought 14 boxes, lol) we got a visit from this wonderful Point Pleasant Brownie troop.

(Photo from Tricia)

A big thank-you to Autumn, who was the first child to call this season and ask us to purchase Girl Scout cookies (It's a tradition to buy cookies from the first Girl Scout to call our show when the cookies go on sale!)

We invited her whole troop in (Brownie Troop 480 from Point Pleasant), and many of them were able to come to the studio this morning to hang out with us and sing the Point jingle on our morning show :)

(Photo from Sara S)

I loved this group hug (see photo)....these girls are full of joy and it was wonderful to feel their happy energy and put them on the air.

So please...say YES to ordering Girl Scout Cookies the next time a Brownie or Girl Scout asks you, and support our local troops :)

(photo courtesy of Kristen)

We got one 'advance' box of of my FAVORITES!

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)