Liz and I were talking about how Angelina Jolie's announcement about her double mastectomy would certainly get an important conversation started for many women worldwide.

That conversation got started on the morning show today, when Dr. Debra Camal, Medical Director at Meridian Cancer Care joined us to talk about what Angelina's announcement meant for women along the Jersey Shore.

Dr. Camal talked about the genetic test that prompted Jolie to make her decision, and how it is more appropriate for some women than others, and you should talk to your doctor about it and how it applies to you.

Dr. Camal also said that if your risk level is high enough, many insurances will cover the genetic test. She also discussed that one of the biggest obstacle remains the understandable fear of going for tests in the first place. Dr. Camal, stressed the incredible importance of early detection.

Some of the factors involved in determining your need for this type of test includes family history and age.

If you want to get more information from the Meridian Cancer Care please visit their website.