What does it take to make a town "cool?" Everybody has a different definition of the word. Matador Network thinks one Jersey Shore town was cool enough to made it's top 20 in the entire country.

Photo by Justin Louis

Asbury Park ranked 17 in Matador Network's rundown of the coolest towns in the US. Here's how they broke it down:

  1. Are not just bedroom communities or suburbs, but have their own economic / local “heart.”
  2. Have strong DIY or local movements around agriculture / food / drink / farm to table.
  3. Have cool natural features close by, and ideally a significant part of their local economy is outdoor recreation.
  4. Have cultural diversity to the point where even if the town is small it still has a “global citizenry” feel.

Of Asbury Park, Matador Network said:

A typical day in the summer starts off with waking up and going fishing on one of Asbury’s piers, and then relaxing on the beach for a few hours. You could grab brunch at Toast or catch a quick screening of an independent film at the Showroom. Then you’d head to happy hour — if you had a dog, you could take it to Wonderbar’s “Yappy Hour” to let it play with other dogs while you grab a beer. Maybe, if it was the fall, you’d get to see the world’s largest gathering of Zombies. Then catch some live music at Asbury Lanes or the Stone Pony (maybe Springsteen will drop by — it’s not unheard of), and head to Johnny Mac’s to play some Skee-Ball and get some free pizza.


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