Asbury Park-- Police in Asbury Park are beginning to use Body Worn Cameras (BWC) by uniformed police officers after commencing their deployment on June 15th.

Asbury Park Police cruiser (Asbury Park Police)

A department policy in accordance with the Attorney General Guidelines (AGG) and the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office policy and directive gets issued after being written to assigned officers and supervisor training.

The policy for Asbury Park Police features the BWC use along with video storage and retrieval while giving a complete description of the officer and supervisor's responsiblities.

Video taken with these body cameras may be used in accordance with the policy for criminal, civil and administrative proceedings according to Asbury Park Police.

While they aren't the standard police issue yet for police departments across New Jersey, the release of this information police say, is to make and educate the public that video recording using these body cameras is officially implemented by the APPD.