It might not seem like it, but shore towns are already thinking about the condition of their beaches come summertime.

(Credit: Toniann Antonelli, Townsquare Media NJ)
(Credit: Toniann Antonelli, Townsquare Media NJ)

While the winter was snowy, it spared the shore line any significant coastal flooding. In Belmar, the dunes remain strong but mayor Matthew Doherty said the beach is still weak from Superstorm Sandy. He said the Army Corps of Engineers will begin a beach widening project in March which should help strengthen the coast.

"That should be completed before May, and it should make a significant impact in widening the beach," Doherty said.

The dune system in Belmar managed to sustain Thursday's storm, but Doherty said another strong nor'easter could cause "significant flooding in the town."

In Seaside Heights, which was hit particularly hard by Sandy, mayor Bill Akers said their temporary dunes managed to hold strong this winter.

He said every winter they pile up sand to create the dunes.

"As we get into the spring we will spread it out, we'll make sure it has been raked clean," Akers said. "We have the equipment for that, so I think we'll be OK if we don't get anything worse than what had up to now."

Akers said the beach has recovered well since Sandy, and the storm's impact shouldn't affect the sand much this year. He also pointed out this winter has seen less flooding from the back bays.