2 Brand New Businesses Ready To Make An Impact In Red Bank
One of my favorite things to write about is the opening of local stores and restaurants, especially after what the pandemic did to many business owners. For me, It's exciting to see passionate entrepreneurs bring something that they love to our Jersey Shore communities. If you plan to open a business or if your business is doing something unique like an event, or moving to a new location, send information to - I would love to get the word out for you!
New Jersey's Little Kids Should Have A COVID Vaccine By Halloween
The majority of New Jersey is ready to get their little ones vaccinated. I saw some more developments on that and wanted to share. Rutgers has 100 children ages 5 to 11 enrolled in the Pfizer-BioNTech trial. It's been predicted by experts that the FDA could approve the Pfizer vaccine for kids 5-11 by Halloween and if you noticed how many pop up Halloween stores are around then you know we are not far away from that.
Why Every A-List Comedian Needs To Get Tested For COVID Right Now
Last week I went to a huge comedy event at Madison Square Garden, New York City Still Rising After 20 Years. It took place just a day after September 11th's 20 year anniversary. It was hosted by Jersey favorite and massive 9/11 fund advocate Jon Stewart and one of my personal favorite comedians Pete Davidson. For those that don't know, Pete's Dad was a firefighter and was killed on 9/11. When I heard they were throwing this event, I was all in even before I knew the laundry list of comedian royalty joining them...but now I'm worried for all my favorite comedians...they better get tested for COVID NOW.
Murphy Says COVID Vaccine Mega Sites Are Going Back Up in NJ
The mega sites are gearing up Gov. Phil Murphy said New Jersey is ramping up for the expected federal guidance on a third COVID-19 vaccine dose. Since we have a little experience in all this experts feel we will have them up and running almost immediately. Will you be getting shot 3?

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