Time to invest in some earplugs and watch where you step...the zombie-bug known as the Brood II cicada returns this Spring.

The Brood II cicadas live most of their lives underground, but every 17 years join us up above the soil.

They come up, shed their nasty little bug shells, head into the trees, then look for bug mates for about 6 weeks.


They have black bodies, red eyes, and orange wings.

Millions of these nasty bugs will take over the East Coast from Virginia to Connecticut this year. (Dan Century, Flickr)

According to CBS news, 'the invasion is forecast sometime between mid-April and late May, at which point residents will be bombarded with millions of cicadas per square mile.'

They are harmless, but LOUD.

They'll start to come up when the ground 8" below the surface reaches 64 degrees...and considering the warm weather we're expecting over the next few days...well, just brace yourselves.

The only sliver of good news? After this, they won't be back until 2030.

Anyone else really skeeved out, right now??

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