To the joy of New Jersey drivers, gas prices just keep going lower.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Many are now talking about gas for less than $3.00-a-gallon.

Yes, pump prices are heading south, and that's a good thing, according to Tom Kloza, of

"We're seeing some $3.01's and $3.08's throughout the state," he said.

Kloza says the main driver pushing prices downward is wholesale gas prices, which have dropped about 40-cents-a-gallon since late August.

"I think consumers are seeing some of the better prices in the last three years, and I think they will see even better prices in the next three months."

He says prices may rise in the first quarter of next year, but they will not go to $4.00-a-gallon again in the next 15 months.

Every story we do about gas prices always comes with the same subtle disclaimer that goes something like, "barring any unforseen difficulty in the world, such as hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico where a lot of refineries are, or political storms in the Persian Gulf, where a lot of unrest is, those prices will remain on track downward."

Lowest Gas Prices in New Jersey
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