Parents make sure you check your kids Trick-or-Treat candy after reports are beginning to surface about some tainted treats.

One report out of Manchester involved Tootsie Rolls found with a toothpick shard and puncture marks. Township Police said a parent reported the incident to police after she attempted to eat a Tootsie Roll she received while going door-to-door and discovered the toothpick remnant.

The parent told investigating officers that they mainly went door-to-door in the Pine Lake Park section of the township on Madison Avenue, Twelfth Avenue and Birmingham Avenue. Upon further inspection, the resident also reported finding another suspicious Tootsie Roll with a punctured wrapper but no toothpick inside.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office also posted an incident on their Facebook site out of Montgomery county Pa. where a razor blade was discovered in the candy bar of a 13-year-old Trick-or-Treater.

Residents are advised to inspect Halloween candy for tampering. Any residents who suspect they received suspicious candy are urged to call their local police. Manchester Police Department is 732-657-6111