The next time you get mad at your pooch for stealing your sandwich off the counter, just remember: it could always be worse. A couple in Florida got the shock of their life when they realized 4-year-old Tuity ate $1,000 in cash they had on left their counter!According to the St. Augustine Record, Christy Lawrenson left ten $100 bills in an envelope on the counter which she was going to take to the bank later in the day. Her husband Joe came home during the day to get the money and the envelope was gone.

There was some evidence left behind however, chewed up bits of money on the floor.

And now the gross part:

Joe decided to induce vomiting in the dog, which bill was intact. Then the couple, along with some VERY nice friends, attempted to piece back together the bills. The couple was able to bring $800 in taped bills to the bank to exchange for fresh money. One bill was unable to be exchanged because a piece was missing so the couple has sent the pieces to the U.S. Treasury, with details about the story in hopes that they will exchange the bill.

The Lawrensons told the Record they "just keep our money away from her now." As for Tuity, she's fine, just some peroxide stains on her coat.

Has your pet ever caused you a big headache?