As most of the Shore has now changed to snow, along with schools and many evening programs, the area shopping centers to our north have also made the call to close.

Both Freehold Mall and Monmouth Mall have closed for the day, with Freehold making the call at 2 via press release and noted on our Stormwatch page, while a recording for Monmouth Mall says that they just wrapped things up a little while ago at 3.

Ocean County Mall remains open as of this writing, with the decision up to individual stores as to whether they close for the day or not.

As of right now, Ocean County Mall management tells me that about 26 stores have decided to close, but again, the mall itself remains open.

We'll of course keep you updated as needed, and you can always get the most up to date closing, delay, and cancellation information for our area at Ocean County Stormwatch.

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