TRENTON — It was a question that Gov. Phil Murphy, the Democrat who campaigned for full legalization of recreational use of marijuana, had been ducking.

Has he or does he ever light up?

On Thursday, Murphy put the questions to rest with a message on Twitter.

"Here’s the deal: I’ve tried marijuana literally once or twice many years ago, and I don’t have any desire to partake again. But this effort isn’t about me - this is about social justice."

A day earlier, he answer had been less direct.

"If this were legalizing of scotch or Irish whiskey, I would not need any advice. I’d know exactly what to do," he told reporters. "I’ve never been a marijuana guy. This is for social justice, overwhelmingly. And that has to be our driving reason."

Murphy had said that he would push for legal marijuana within his first 100 days. But that deadline has come and gone.

Legislative leaders of Murphy's own party have been reluctant to rush through the legalization, although the state did expand its medical marijuana program.

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