Affectionately known as Cookie, this brave 10-year-old from Freehold is fighting stage 4  cancer. And her family could use your support.

Grace West is in the fifth grade at West Freehold Elementary School. She is a soccer player and on the swim team. She has an infectious smile and within moments of meeting her you will want to be a part of her life and her journey.

On November 14th of this past year she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Since then, she has gone through rounds of chemotherapy (after her fourth round, she will have surgery), lost her hair, and refuses to wear a wig. And she sure looks beautiful just the way she is!

College students from all over the country send her their school hats. The last blood drive for her was overrun with those willing to give blood and a community that came together to volunteer, including Starbucks, Tuscany, the Boy Scouts, the Firehouse, and so many people from the community, many of whom will be back to help at the next blood drive in March.

The people of Freehold have come together with love and support for Cookie and her family and are asking for your help. There is a foundation called the Cookie Crumblers where you can send in a donation to help Cookie crumble cancer!

Cookie is going through her treatment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. (Tough because Gracie is a Jets fan and that's Eagles land!) Gracie really is a tough cookie...the nickname she has had since she was born. Her positive attitude and smile really are contagious, says her mom!

She's got an older brother, Joey, in 8th grade who is his sister's biggest fan. He even got the rubberbands on his braces in green and pink since they are his sister's favorite colors. Dad, Donald, is a fireman and a rock for the family, and mom, Sharon, does her best to keep life normal and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her family! Mamabear!

Her family has officially started the Cookie's Crumbler's foundation. While they initially started it for Cookie, they are hoping to grow it and, once Cooke crumbles cancer, help other kids to do the same!

Prayers to you, Cookie, and your family.....stay strong and hopeful and don't lose that beautiful smile!


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