If you've spent five minutes on New Jersey's roads, you've undoubtedly encountered them...that group of Jersey drivers that give us all the bad name.

I was behind one yesterday. It was a two lane road and this guy was going the speed limit in the right lane until he noticed me behind him and he immediately slowed down. I wasn't tailgating or trying to pass. Just minding my own business. I needed to stay in the lane because I had to make a right, but this guy decided he would enforce the power granted him by simply being in front of me, so he slowed down. He really showed me.

Then the guy behind me got sick of the guy in front of me driving like a child and jumped into the left lane to pass us both. Fine with me. Not fine with Mr. Competitive in front of me. He abandoned me for the greener pastures of racing the guy that was trying to pass.

He waited for him to get right next to him and then...you know this story, you've seen it too...he floored it. And then the Jersey driver does the most annoying thing of all. He starts playing the "match the speed" game. If the other guy slows down to end the ridiculous game, Mr.Competitve slows down.  You seem to forget, Mr. Competitive has dubbed himself owner and ruler of the right lane.

Hey Mr.Competitive...here's a little advice...relax. Nobody cares that you are the ruler of your lane except you. I bet you'd feel a lot better if you were being decent to people on the roads, instead of treating every intersection like the big game, and every passing driver as someone who is challenging you to a duel.

Please, just relax. And by the way, if you're nice to people on the roads, you don't have to worry about avoiding eye contact at the next light. How refreshing.

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