For years now, our area has clearly been a "Yankees Town". As a Mets fan, no one knows that better than I do, and with the successes of the Yankees, and the failures of the Mets, it's no real surprise. This weekend though, a Yankees fan friend of mine said he thought the tables were turning.

This came as a shock to me. All Mets fans know we're playing great, and way over our heads so far this season, and with Johan Santana's no hitter Friday night, the Mets are on a bit of a roll. While the Yanks have not played as well as expected, they're playing well now and they're...well...the Yankees, so they'll be fine.

So, I love my Mets, and I'm really enjoying this season while I can, but unless a Yankees fan said it, I would never have considered the notion that the Mets were taking over the area. I want to see if there's any truth to this rumor, so I turn to you. What do you think?