Someone's grandmother's 1957 yearbook on TikTok revealed a somewhat tragic truth about women's ambitions at the time.

"This really baffled me," the person who posted the viral video said.

"Going through my grandma's yearbook and realizing all the women's ambitions were the same," the video's caption said.

In each slide, the women revealed their favorite sayings like "glory be" and "oh shoot," along with their cute nicknames, like "Giggles."

They also listed their clubs and extracurricular activities ranging from glee club to school plays to pep club and more.

However, each of their ambitions was the same: to be a housewife.

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One woman, named Jo, went a step further and declared that she aspired to be a lawyer's wife.

Another already had her husband-to-be picked out and name-dropped him in her yearbook spot by saying she wished to be "Howard's wife."

Viewers in the comments section noted that the juxtaposition of the women's ambitions and passions displayed by their extracurricular activities was a little "sad."

"It makes me a little sad to see all the clubs they were in and the activities they were passionate about, but all their ambitions being just to get married, no mention of other goals," one person wrote in the comments.

"It makes me so sad that most of them’s extracurriculars were theatre, glee club, librarian, etc. Devastating to think of how many wonderful artists the world missed out on because society taught them," someone else agreed.

"Period but this also makes me sad," another person said.

"What if Jo secretly wanted to be a lawyer but being one's wife was the closest she knew she would get," one person theorized, adding a broken heart emoji.

Meanwhile, one person was focused on Howard.

"I thought they were all going to say 'Be Howard's wife' and got real stoked to see Howard," one person joked.

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