A woman on Reddit kicked her "goth" sister out of her wedding after she allegedly "ruined" her $300 flower girl dress.

"I got married last weekend. My sister is 16. I personally do not like her style of dressing, it is very gothic/emo (really I don't know how to describe it, very dark colors with spiked jewelry or skulls) but I don't care what she wears almost any other day," the woman wrote in her post in the Am I The A--hole forum.

She explained that originally she did not include her sister in the wedding because they are "not very close" but her sister was "upset" to be excluded.

"I decided to give her the part of flower girl since my now husband was having his younger brother be the ring bearer. She was excited and very picky about her formal wear. Originally she wanted to wear her [usual] outfits but I told her she can't be part of the wedding party if she does," she said.

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"We went to six different store[s] to find something she was comfortable in. In the end we got a dark green long dress. I spend time helping her pick out jewelry that would match her style and not be over the top. I spent so much time to make sure she was comfortable and still expressing her style in a tasteful manner," she continued.

She added that the dress cost $300 and that they also discussed appropriate makeup looks for her sister because she did not want to get her makeup done by the hired artist.

The two reached an agreement and both were "happy" with the compromises.

"The day of my wedding my mom comes in upset to my dressing room. My sister cut up the dress and put fishnets in all of the holes. Basically she cut it so the top looks like a crop top, her midsection had a fishnet, the bottom was short and had holes. She also has boots on and her jewelry was very bold," the woman revealed.

When asked why she changed the dress, the sister said she "didn't like [it] anymore."

The 16-year-old was asked to change multiple times and refused.

"I told her she needs to change or she needs to leave. My mom backed me up on this. She refused, I asked mom to take her home. She took her home," the woman said.

"The wedding went on without her. Apparently my sister has been crying since for missing the wedding. She thinks I am a huge jerk. I am also still very annoyed she ruined a dress I spent 300 dollars on and spent so much time to make her comfortable," she went on.

Reddit commenters agreed with the bride's decision to kick her sister out of the wedding for altering the dress and refusing to change.

"She was being an immature brat," one person wrote.

"You did your best on a compromise you thought you both were happy with. It's not like you were forcing her to dress completely out of her style," someone else said.

The woman replied, "What drives me insane is that she literally picked this dress."

"I think you went above and beyond to try and accommodate her in a way that would meet both of your desires. I mean, a dark green gown really appeals to my hidden, inner goth queen myself, tbh," another person added.

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