🔥Two people were hospitalized

🔥The explosion does not appear to be suspicious

🔥It is the fourth building explosion in two months in New Jersey

BRANCHBURG — An explosion rocked a building in an industrial development just before dawn Wednesday morning sending at least one person to a hospital.

Capt. Edward Edgar said township police responded to the explosion at a company called Air Liquide on Meister Avenue in Branchburg around 4:30 a.m. Two people were taken by ambulance. Edgar did not disclose the nature of their injuries.

Edgar said the damage to the building and the cause of the explosion were being assessed.

"I can confirm that there are no known, reported, and/or suspected indications of anything of a suspicious nature at this time," Edgar said in a statement.

In a statement Air Liquide said in a statement it enacted its emergency plan. The building was promptly evacuated and operations interrupted.

"Air Liquide extends its most sincere concern and support to its employees and their families, " the company wrote. "Air Liquide Advanced Materials Inc. is actively collaborating with the onsite emergency responders and authorities regarding the circumstances of the incident. Air Liquide Advanced Materials Inc. is fully committed to the safety and welfare of our employees and our community, and operations will only resume once it has been determined that all relevant safety conditions are fully met."

The company describes itself as "a world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and healthcare."

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Recent explosions in New Jersey


New Jersey has seen several fatal explosions at homes and businesses in April and May.

A house on Battle Lane in Commercial Township went up in flames following an explosion around 5 a.m., May 13, according to State Police. Family members told CBS Philadelphia the man suffered serious burns to his face and neck.

Eileen Marko, 73, of South River, died following an explosion on May 1 at Superior Signal Co. in Old Bridge. Several people suffered burns.

Retired Newark police officer Kevin Gilbert died after an explosion on May 3 obliterated his home on Continental Court in the Heritage Hills neighborhood of South River. Mayor Windows in houses and cars around the neighborhood were blown out by the force of the explosion.

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